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Lauren Freebird is an up and coming Country, Rock, and Blues artist. Her Stevie Nicks inspired songwriting and gravelly vocals create a unique sound that will create a new era in Country, Rock, and Blues, and revive the Elvis Presley style that we all know and love. Her biggest musical influences (along with Stevie Nicks and Elvis Presley) also include Johnny Cash, Miley Cyrus, and Adele.​

Lauren has played piano since age four, but began developing a strong passion for music at the age of ten, when she began taking vocal lessons with Rock Zone School of Music. Shortly after her first performance in the Bridgestone Arena Visitors Center, Lauren's grandmother, passed away unexpectedly. This had a great impact on Lauren because her grandmother was a songwriter, and inspired Lauren to begin songwriting.

Lauren went on to become a part of various bands throughout her middle and high school years, such as Drivin' Pumas, The Violet Souls, and the Austin Slade band, where she performed at many venues such as Bluebird Café, Rocket Town Skate Park, B.B. Kings Blues Club, and Courtney's Restaurant & Catering, but as she aged and began to find herself, she found a love for live performance, and became very active in the Nashville singer-songwriter scene at the age of sixteen. 

Since then, Lauren has been writing and performing acoustically in Nashville and beyond.

Lauren has a sound that is quite unique, universally loved and adaptable, and a magnetic stage presence that always captures and engages her audiences. 

Lauren does all of her own bookings, social media, and marketing for both herself and her promotions company, Birds of a Feather. She incorporates brand awareness, brand ambassadorship (John Eason Jewelry,) graphic design, and various other marketing concepts into her promotional material.

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